Coupon Code Plugin Review

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Chris Guthrie released a new plugin for Wordpress called Coupon Code. In this post, I will give one person an opportunity to win a free copy of the plugin bundled with a free copy of Viral List which is a new plugin I am launching next week.

First of all, let me give you the lowdown on what Coupon Code does for you. If you do any retail affiliate marketing with shops like Amazon and the likes, you can get great conversions by offering coupons to your readers.

There is one problem with offering these coupons though. You will need to tell the user what coupon to use at checkout and also get them to click on your affiliate link to be credited for the sale.

Make It Easy For Your Prospect To Buy

Marketing 101 says the more actions you make your prospect do, the easier it is to lose the sale. Coupon Code fixes that problem by sending the user to the retail website and copying the coupon to the clipboard all in one hit. That is a simple marketing lesson all bundled in one plugin. This is why I admire the concept. I have used the plugin and I got it installed and set up in under 5 minutes and I must say it works great.

If you want to skip all the contest stuff and buy Coupon Code for the introductory price of $27, use my affiliate link here and you will get a FREE copy of Viral List worth $37. Viral List is a plugin I will be releasing next week. It helps you grow the number of people on your email list.

Okay now to the offer, if you want a free copy of the Coupon Code plugin all you have to do is leave a comment on this post or tweet this post with the hashtag #couponcode and you are in to get a free copy. (Simple isn’t it?). One random post or comment will be selected to win. It doesn’t get any more generous than that, 2 plugins for the price of none? That’s how I roll. Okay then, go ahead and leave your comments or tweet this post with the hashtag #couponcode and win your version of Coupon Code and Viral List.