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Some weeks ago, I was working on a certain task and it was really giving me a hard time. I was at it for 2 weeks and I actually left it alone for a couple of days to come back it. This was me hoping that attacking it with a fresh approach was going to help. And it does helps sometimes, but not in this case. Did some Googling (crazy how that has become a verb now) but to no avail.

The screamingly simple solution

Then I decided to ask someone about how to go about solving it, the first sentence that came out of his mouth just solved the problem instantly. I was so pissed off that I didn’t think of asking earlier on. This is someone I was working with on a daily basis for those two odd weeks where I was pulling my hair out trying to solve the problem on my own. This is a problem many of us face, trying to go it alone. Thinking we can find the solutions if we dig in the correct places, and then getting frustrated when we don’t find it. Sometimes all we have to do it just ask. The person you ask might not answer your question directly but he/she can give an idea that sparks a light and nudges you on the correct path.

Get your questions answered

This is the reason why I have decided to do something different on the blog today. I am going to give you the opportunity to ask your questions and get them answered. We all know that email list building is one of the cornerstones of setting up a successful business. The question is:

• Do we know how to do it right?

• How do you get new subscribers?

• How can you profit from the subscribers on your email list?

Well, I am not here to guess your questions, please let me know what questions you have on email marketing or starting up your business in general and I will setup a Q&A call where I will go into detail to answer your questions.

How to setup a list in Aweber in 15 minutes

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In today’s post, I will show you

• How to setup a list in Aweber and modify the settings to make it ready to capture emails for your list

• How to add a widget to your site so your subscribers can enter their information

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments. You can sign up to Aweber here. It is one of the most cost effective ways to build and maintain a list online and all the big boys use it, so you are in good company.

Paul Cunningham of Blogging Teacher has released an Email Marketing Report which I believe you should read. It has loads of information. Here are some examples.

• Which is the most popular email marketing service

• What are the leading uses of email marketing

• The biggest challenges encountered with email marketing

• The techniques these bloggers use to attract subscribers

• How often the survey respondents send emails to their lists